Meet The Genevieve

Blue LinePNG

Alluring. Intimate. Captivating.

Taking residence at Santa Ynez Inn

Making Her Debut January 2023

Singular service and sophisticated simplicity at its most luxurious. A secret getaway for indulging all senses. Set foot through the threshold and fall into fantasy — the fantasy of long-lost love{s}, rediscovering a former self, or the innocence of a quiet hiatus from the mundane.

She gives new meaning to the phrase well taken care of. A bygone era reborn, with quintessential hospitality at every interaction.  Surrounded by enchanting foliage, lush grounds, and understated elegance, The Genevieve casts quite a spell.

With storied spaces behind every door, she has left the book open for whatever comes next. Take part in her glamour and edit often.

C’est la vie.